Buff Orpington On Strike!

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    Apr 2, 2013
    Ok so as a new 4-H mom new to this chicken thing, I'm at a loss. Our Buff Orpington recently (last week) began shedding feathers like crazy. There were so many feathers on the lawn, I thought she was attacked by something. She just runs and shakes and feathers go flying. Is she molting? Isint molting during the spring? She is by far not bald and her coat looks great but why is she shedding so much ? Also, she has completely stopped laying eggs. About three weeks now with no eggs. We recently introduced a new polish to her and they are friendly, share the coop at night and free range during the day. What am I missing?
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    It's molt and usually in autumn but could be any time of year depending on lots of variables.
    It's very rare for a molting bird to lay eggs.
    Eggs contain a lot of protein and feathers are about 90% protein. It's difficult to produce both at the same time.
    Molting time is also when they get an opportunity to rejuvenate the reproductive tract.
    Upping the protein during and after molt will help them recover. I switch them to a higher protein grower feed. Also since they aren't making egg shells, they shouldn't be getting layer feed.
    Depending on how quickly they molt and regrow feathers, one can be without eggs for 1 to 4 months.
  3. This is normal they get rid of their old feathers during this time of year because their old feathers were not able to hold heat and as for not laying eggs they stop laying because they are putting all their energy into producing new feathers it is nothing to worry about

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