Buff Orpington or Light Brahma?

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    I am planning out my future flock I hope to get a little later this year, and right now I'm deciding which breeds I would like to get to start. Two breeds I have been heavily considering are Buff Orpingtons and Light Brahmas. They both seem to be the type of chicken I'd like to go for, and I can't decide which I would want to start. It's likely I could get both eventually, but to save a little money and space (I already have some Rhode Island Reds and Hamburgs, with a few Barred Rocks and Welsummers coming into the picture fairly soon too) I'd only like to start with either one or the other. Anyone here have experience with either breed that could help me decide? I have a little experience with Buff Orpingtons (I actually had a pet one as a kid haha!) so I'd like some opinions on the Brahmas in particular. What do people think of them generally? Are they comparable at all? Any advice at all is appreciated!
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    I love Buffs! [​IMG] They're personality is mostly docile. Mostly. One hen can lay up to 180 eggs a year. Sorry, I do not have any experience with Brahmas, I bet they are sweet though.
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    We have brahma pullets and they have the sweetest disposition:D
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    We have a buff orpington that is friendly too. But probably not as friendly as our brahma.

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