Buff Orpington, Rhode Island Red, New Hampshire Red or Freedom Rangers

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    Hey BYC!
    I am in Greenville, NC. That is NORTH Carolina. I am looking for sources of most types of chickens, but mainly the four listed in the name of the post. I am really interested in Freedom Rangers as I don't have much experience with them (but would love to give them a try). I am looking for both egg layers and meat. I currently have some Buffs and they have tolerated the weather so well! From single digits with no supplemental heat to summer temps in the triple digits. My girls are great. I am looking for eggs or newly hatched. If you have some fertilized eggs, or can have some fertilized eggs or newborn chicks please let me know. I know of only one place in Greenville off of Hop Tyson Rd. that I will never go to due the condition he keeps those birds in. I need a quality place other than Tractor Supply! Please PM me or email me at [email protected] if I don't respond within a day or so because I dont check BYC every day. Thank you all!
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    If you want freedom ranger than your best bet is a hatchery. For Buff Orpingtons go onto the Heritage Large Fowl Thread - Phase 2 and look for thedragonlady aka Vickie( although she only sells grown birds as far as I know ). She is a top buff breeder, so I'd go ahead and shoot her a PM and see what she says.

    I think a few other people on there have the other two breeds, but I can't think of names right yet. Just go ahead and ask and see if anyone chimes in.

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