Buff Orpington Rooster suddenly died - what to do?

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    May 6, 2009

    Our beautiful and giant Buff Orpington Rooster died suddenly today. He was brought home from the feed store this June, and was I suppose about a week old at that time. He was raised (with his 5 hen buddies) indoors until feathered, and then moved into an outdoor coop in early August. They have been thriving. Growing like crazy and he's been crowing regularly. This morning he was fine and alert, and then this afternoon we discovered him laying under the ramp to the henhouse, stiff with rigor mortis. He has no visible wounds and his eyes are closed, he looks peaceful.

    We've been feeding Payback organic feed and bits of oyster shell with occasional table scraps (all on the "approved" lists I have seen - mostly lettuce and tomatoes from our greenhouse). The other hens all seem fine.

    We're concerned about a disease. This is coastal Oregon and I know damp is a problem, but they have a sheltered henhouse inside the coop (Garden Coop) and we give them dry straw regularly.

    My wife, a vet tech, suggested a necropsy but I feel that might be overkill. It is worth it if it will save the 5 others, but I am wondering:

    - How much of an anomoly is this? A huge, happy 8 month old just keeling over?

    - There has been light frost periodically, but nothing major and today was in fact quite pleasant. The coop has hardware cloth sides and I even put greenhouse plastic (double wall hollow rigid panels) on 3 sides to make some wind shelter. It couldnt be too cold, could it? I believe most people in this area have their chickens outdoors with no heat year round. Again, the others are fine.

    - What should we do with him? Burial? Necropsy? I really wasn't expecting this so have no plan. Any guidance would be appreciated.

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    If you are concerned about the reason and your flock, I would recommend a necropsy. Sorry for your loss and hope and pray that the hens will be fine.

    Have a blessed evening.
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    Jul 2, 2009
    if your wife is a vet tech and can help you get a Necropsy. then i would for your piece of mind.

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