Buff Orpington Rooster



SOLD in less then 5 minuets wow!
And he is going to a fantastic home :D

Thank you!

My Mr. Roopert is in need of a new home.
He is free to those who want me to ship him as long as you pay for shipping and the box.
To those local I will be willing to take best offer as long as he goes to a good home with more then 7 hens.
He is getting very rough with my few ladies, hence why I think he needs a bigger flock.
He came vaccinated for Mericks, he does not have mites, lice, or worms due to my OCD when it comes to bugs. I hate them yuck...
He is very tame, people friendly, and predator wise.
He has chased feral cats off and attacked/chased off plenty of hawks and he put the neighbors dog in its place.
He is easy to catch and handle.
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