Buff Orpington "Wins Out"?

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    Apr 11, 2007
    With the exception of my black chick, who indeed is going to be a Gold Laced Wyandotte, I would assume (mom is silver laced, dad was BO), the rest of my chicks are all buff, and their feathers are coming in buff.

    I have australorp, brahma, and maybe RIR in the mix...so how will I be able to tell whose babies were whose?

    I am SO hoping we have a RIR/BO mix because of losing Marti and Billy after the dog attack.

    Any ideas how I can tell? Also...none have feathers on the feet like my Brahma does...does that mean none of the Brahma hatched, or did the BO gene take over?

    Every hen should have at least had 1 egg in the nest (we had 13 eggs...6 to 7 were "questionable" because the broody got off of them in the day the first 2 days and would only "night sit").
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    A word of hope; I hatched some buff orpington x warren type* chicks and some pure BOs. Initially they all looked the same and I had to mark the crosses with vegetable dye! BUT they have grown to be a lovely red gold and at 13 weeks are something special!
    I lost my cockerel too and the chicks mum, it softens the blow when their chicks carry on.

    *these are the commercial red/brown hens in the UK probably your red sex links

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