Buff Orpingtons and Leghorn - pullet chicks - SOLD

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    2 buff Orpington chicks (hatched 12/28/10)
    1 leghorn hybrid chick (hatched 1/9/11)

    Local Pick Up Only
    females/ pullets
    $3.00 each

    They have been fed organic chick starter and handled daily by myself and my kids. The buff chicks are from the feed store, and the leghorn is hatched from eggs one of my hens hatched. They will need a brooder/ heat lamp for until all their feathers are in. They are currently being cared for by my broody hens, but are available to a new home. I keep bantam cochins, but could not find bantam sized eggs or chicks this time of year for my broodies. I have two more broody hens waiting for bantam cochin chicks to arrive Feb. 3rd.

    *I am still a beginner at vent sexing, but I am pretty sure the leghorn is a pullet also, based on other TJ's chicks we hatched in the past.

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