Buff Orps? 3 hens/2 roos?? How old??


10 Years
Aug 15, 2009
Hamilton, Georgia
Well we went to the sale to look last night... and low and behold came back with chickens! Mind you our coop isnt done yet but we felt awful for them!! Smashed in a cage half their size and downright miserable looking. There was a family their that was buying almost everything that went through (to eat). Their beauty was too much for us to let them be culled so we brought them home. Im pretty sure theyre buff orps and we have 3 hens and 2 roos... Anyone up for aging them too? Thanks for all your help!!!!!

I know the one on the right is a roo, how about the left?

Roo in question lol


One of the hens.

3 Hens? Sorry the one kept hiding.
I am seeing 1 roo and at least 3 hens-I could not totally tell about a 2nd roo. My guess is 14-16 weeks old. I have BO's and your look to be just 1-2 weeks older than some of mine-your wattles are adrker in color than mine at this point? If you dont mind me asking how much did you pay for them? I cant see spending alot of money just to cull them , like you said??
at that age and for BO's near the point of lay-Id say you got a deal! I paid 10$ for some hens and resold them for 15$ a pop the next weekend-but I drove 7 hours to get them so I wasnt trying to make $ just recoup-live in a small town and people here would have paid 15-20 for a hen at point of lay...I have:)
They do look nice and pretty healthy...good for you-I wish I had places that close that I could just "look" and possibly buy stuff:-(
i have two 22 week old BOpullets yet to lay----- after looking at them i would say that chicken in question is a ROO... my girls do not have such long waddles

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