Buff Pekin (Cochin Bantam) chicks and more--SOLD

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    All chicks are $5 each except for the 4-month olds.

    5 Pekin (Cochin Bantam) chicks available in buff. If you buy all of them, I will reduce the price to $20.
    Assorted Brahma Bantam chicks
    1 Sultan chick

    We also have four 4-month old non-SQ black silkies available. They are split to partridge. Asking $8 each.

    Any other questions, feel free to visit our website at hensonacres.weebly.com or e-mail me. We also have pictures of the Buff Pekins (Cochin), and Sultan on our website.

    UPDATE: I'm sorry to report that all have been sold. Have some more eggs under the hens, so we'll see if there are more available in about a week.
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