Buff rock roo X Buff orpington hen?

Discussion in 'General breed discussions & FAQ' started by redoak, Jul 6, 2008.

  1. redoak

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    Feb 27, 2008
    Russia, NY
    I have 6 buff orpington hens and 1 buff rock rooster and 1 buff orpington rooster. The buff rock was a hatchery mistake, but he's a very sweet rooster and is very good with the hens so far. The buff orpington rooster is 2nd on the pecking order but he's snotty with the hens and no hens want to even be near him. I'm considering getting rid of the buff orpington rooster to a guy who wants him. My concern is what will be the cross between a buff rock rooster and a buff orpington hen? I'm guessing they will all be buff, but will some have yellow legs and be buff rocks and some will have white legs and be buff orpingtons? Or will they just be buff mutts? Thanks in advance for any info.
  2. seriousbill

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    May 4, 2008
    Hi, I don't blame you for wanting to keep the best overall roo of the two, but yeah, the babies would be buff mutts. Officially, no matter what the color, breed-wise they are Plymouth Rock x Orpington crosses.

    I think white legs are dominant over yellow, so in the first generation, I'd expect the chicks to have white legs, but yellow could very well pop up later.

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