Buff Silkie Hen

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    May 29, 2009
    Sleepy Eye, MN
    2 year old buff silkie hen. Wingband #226. Absolutely gorgeous bird for body type and is round as a bowling ball. She has some serious mass to her when you lift her. Some of the best I've seen for wing placement. No hard feathering in cushion, huge crest (majorly picked from being in breeder pen), good toe spacing, massive foot feathering (which is also mostly broken off right now), awesome comb shape, black skin which is very hard to get in buffs..... I don't consider her a show bird, but she is VERY usefull in the breeder pen. She is missing the toenails on 1st toes. She also has smutty coloration in wing primaries, cushion, and faint ticking in the hackles. She has been a very consistent layer and has produced several awesome clear buffs when paired with a lighter cock.

    Shipping and a new Horizon box will be a set $65 with a new Horizon box. If you win more of my auctions, I can combine shipping. I accept Paypal, check, or MO. I will ship after payment is received and weather is permissible on both ends. I am NPIP #1058, MN Hatchery Permit #10504 and am tested for PT only. AI testing is not required here in MN. If your state requires additional testing or a CVI, then we can work something out. I don't vaccinate for Mareks, Coryza, etc. I do use Frontline & Ivermectin on my birds though. Birds will be bathed and beaks/nails clipped before shipping.

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    May 24, 2011
    Hi there! I've been searching for a companion for my silkie roo and I've always wanted a buff. She looks adorable [​IMG]

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