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  1. Here is a buff silkie hen. Im wondering if I should use her to breed or not. She has some very light blueish smut in her tail. She also has some darker smut in her poof.
    Her feet are nicely feathered, and her wings are held nice and tight to her body and are nicely shredded.

    I have a nice clear rooster to breed her to. There are some pictures of her. The last pic will be of the rooster who I would mate her to. Im thinking that I would mate her to the rooster, then mate their daughters back to their father, or should I not do that?

    I need some suggestions. [​IMG]


    ETA: They are both from 2 different bloodlines.
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  2. Sonoran Silkies

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    Last photo doesn't look like a boy to me.

    I've never seen a buff with dark undercolour only on the head like that--unusual.

    At the very least you can try breeding her and see how the chicks turn out, then make a decision as to whether to continue using her. Breeding daughters back to father/sons back to moths is called line breeding and is common.

    As buff hens mature their plumage clears up a bit more with every molt.
  3. I thought it was a hen at first, but Im almost 100% its a boy. The comb is wide, and getting raised.

    The hen was one of the ones that i received last fall from the breeder in fl that sent me crooked and single combed chicks. Im just hoping that I have one that I could use.
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  4. Hmm...I also think that girl's head is very unusual. That roo...if that really is a roo...looks very good, though. I'd give it a shot and see how the kids turn out. [​IMG]

    Hey, by the way, where in the Hudson Valley are you near?
  5. Quote:In Columbia County. Im pretty sure it is a rooster, and im hoping that it is.
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    It depends on if you are going to sell the chicks or eggs. If I was going to see them , then no , I would not have her in my breeding program. If it was just for me, why not.
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    I think their gorgeous!! [​IMG]
  8. Quote:I dont plan on selling any eggs this year. I do plan on selling eggs in the future. Obviously I would only keep the best, and then sell or give away the rest.
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    The last picture looks like a pullet. How old is it?? I dont see any streamers. Maybe the comb is raising because she might be getting near the point of lay?
  10. Quote:It will be 5 months old in four days. Too early to start laying.

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