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  1. Hi all! Mom and I were wondering if a Buff Silkie is an Buff Orpington with a Silkie mix. Sorry that it's a silly question. Have a great day! [​IMG]

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    IF the BO roo didn't hurt the hen while maiting... or the Silkie roo could reach the hen, sure, it would be possible. However... I wouldn't like my 2lb hens running around with a 10 lb rooster.
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    actually that is a good question from everything i have read or heard a buff orp is the base breed of all buff chickens. there is also such a thing as a bantam buff orp, not all are standard size. so yes it is possible that breed was used in the developement of the buff silkie.
  4. silkiechicken

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    Oh yeah, those bantams, if you had one of those, no problem with the maiting.
  5. Cool! Thanks so much. We might try hatching a few Buff Silkies. [​IMG] Thanks again y'all! [​IMG]


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