*~Buff Silkies and Mille Fleur Chicks for sale in Ohio~*

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    Aug 16, 2008
    I have decided to part with some of my chicks. I have 6 milles, 2 of which turned out to be cockerels, and since I don't want one to be lonely, I have decided to pair him up with one of the pullets from the group.

    The silkies are buff silkies, and I have decided buff isn't a color I want to work with.

    These guys are 7 weeks old today, and are hatchery chicks from Meyer.

    Two Buff Silkies, $3.50 each

    Pair of Milles, $8


    I am sorry, I will not ship them. Prefer local pickup! They would make adorable additions to anyone's flock! They are very sweet!

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