Buff Sussex with blue legs!


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Feb 22, 2016
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My mother and I breed pure Sussex chickens and one of the breeds is Buff Sussex. We got our first Buffs from hatching eggs off eBay. Out of 12 eggs, 3 hatched; we were lucky enough to get two females and a male! A week ago we hatched our first Buff Sussex chicks from these birds and strangely some of them have blue legs. Out of 18 chicks, 4 - 5 have blue-green legs and the rest have the normal pinky colour. I have never heard of Buff Sussex with blue legs, and there is no mention of such thing on the internet. My question is: are these pures? The chicks are inbred- could this give them the blue legs? We got the originals from eggs off eBay so they weren't exactly 'reliable' breeders. It's very odd because all of the markings as as you would expect. Its just the legs that are different.

Any ideas?

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