Buff X Partridge Silkie??

Discussion in 'General breed discussions & FAQ' started by Hennyhandler, Jun 27, 2011.

  1. Hennyhandler

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    Jun 10, 2009
    I was wondering if crossing a partridge roo with a buff hen would produce desirable traits? Is this a color cross that people would like? I am just curious. I love the looks of both the buff and the partridge but was wondering what it would look like with them crossed. Any ideas or thoughts welcome.

    (I understand that for show pure colors are desired.)
  2. ScaredOfShadows

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    Depends on shade of buff and partridge, but you would mainly get a buff with bleed through (either black or blue depending what shade of partridge) on the hackles, crest, wings, and tail. you might would get some penciling colored in on the wing area too...
  3. Hennyhandler

    Hennyhandler SilkieJax

    Jun 10, 2009
    Thanks for explaining. I don't really know a lot about cross breeding and such. I haven't heard of these to being bred together often. Am I right or am I missing out on something? [​IMG] If I am right, why aren't they bred together?
  4. ScaredOfShadows

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    many people breed them together, but it doesn't create a wanted color - also they don't breed true when you cross the two colors (like blue X black and blue X splash or black X splash or Lavander X black - etc etc ) buff is a slightly complicated color and partridge is a complex color with a pattern. Thus theres no telling how partridge when bred to a solid, especially buff - will result in.

    They can make very nice offspring, I have a few from a blue rooster carrying the partridge background to a buff hen with partridge background, and have gotten 2 straight nice buffs, an almost red rooster with partridge markings (dark crest, hackles, blue tail and wings, and a bit of blue under fluff) and then I have gotten a straight partridge, a very pale blue partridge, and a few wierd off colored kids. lol.

    If your looking for chicks for yourself or know people who just want silkies for pets or flock broodies, go for breeding them. - I have a mixed colored pen, white, black, blue, splash, and buff all together. Will be adding my 2 partridge girls into the pen for next years breedings, unless I find a nice pair to make a seperate pen with and breed true partridges. I breed for fun and pets. - I don't show, and I don't sell my birds as anything other than pet/pet quality birds. I know my flock's offspring won't breed true the next generation.

    an example of one of my offspring (blue rooster carrying partridge background X a buff with suspected partridge background)

  5. bantyshanty

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    Oct 6, 2009
    S.W Pennsylvania
    I don't know if this thread's being checked any more, but... I just had a hatch by my buff broody of 4 chicks. She's a clear buff with buff in her genetics going back a long way, and the light partridge roo has partridge genes all the way. Two have come out buff with two dark partridge crest dots (at Day 1), and two have come out pale cream with the chipmunk striping. Any guesses as to how they'll feather out? I suposse the stripeds will look like Dad & the buffs sill look like Mom, but with a little leakage?

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