Buffs were attacked


7 Years
Nov 9, 2012
Got home to find one headless with few other injuries; coop torn up; dead hen dragged out to the fence and left. One of the remaining Buffs was not so keen on her oatmeal treat this morning so I had a look at her and her legs and feet are very red. She is depressed and the other hens are picking on her (she has always been low bird). Brought her in; washed off her legs and feet put a little topical antibiotic on them and could find no other wounds (although it is hard to get down to the bird! ) I think I will bring her in for a few days to keep an eye on her. Any suggestions? They were severely stressed after the attack. I have eight foot fence and not wire all around just above ground level and at bear level.

The security situation can be dealt with but mostly I am worried about this hen. She is maturing but has yet to begin to lay. The remaining two have been laying daily for several months.


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