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    Sep 19, 2011
    Buffy is one of my pullets.

    I have 4 girls, a red hampshire hybrid, Muran, Burford Brown and buffy. I got them on the 18th September and 3 of them started laying in November but not Buffy.

    I was told actually because of the winter months and their age i probably would not get many eggs anyway and would expect Buffy to start laying in the Spring as Orpingtons tend to start later in life, sexually mature later.

    Well I did have a few odd eggs with no shells and wondered if it was her.

    Then 10 days ago there it was a light pink small but perfectly formed egg in the house. I was so excited i cant tell you.

    Now I have nearly every day 4 eggs some of which are enormous, and Buffy so far is an egg machine I dont think she has had a day off yet, not that I can see. She seems to stick with laying on her 24 hour cycle in the morning. Her eggs are so cute looking a lovely sort of light pink in colour.

    ALL my girls are laying really well at the moment very occasionally if they lay later i dont get one or two the next day but mostly it is buffy and red.

    The eggs are simply scrummy to eat too. Buffys egg is on the bottom right, and red has lain one of her usual large eggs lol. Ouch. She has lain a double yolker once a week for months now. They are something else to eat so rich and full of good stuff.

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    Ha! Thats awesome. Hope she keeps laying awesome eggs. ;)
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    Your Buffy lays exactly the same size and colour eggs as my BO's, "Orpy" and "Sweet Pea!" This is reassuring to me, as everyone was telling me that my BO's should be laying large brown eggs, which ours obviously don't! Interestingly, your red's egg is very similar to some of my RIR eggs - some of them have gone up to 77 grams, which is HUGE compared to the BO eggs which average around 53 grams!

    Like Buffy, my BO's also lay one egg religiously every day. Every 6 days or so they will skip a day and reset though, then after that they go back to laying again.

    So far, I have had one soft shelled egg (today in fact) that was laid under the roost, and one egg with a partly formed shell which looked like an unravelled white ribbon. These were both from my BO's (not my 4 RIR's). As my birds have only been laying for a month or less, I think they are just trying to get the egg factory working right :)

    I also find that my BO's will occasionally lay under the roost, rather than in their nest box. They both seem to be very territorial of a particular laying box though, and I'm wondering if someone else might have been in it when it was time for them to lay.

    Home laid eggs are the BEST, aren't they! We have eggs on toast most days for breakfast now, and they are delicious. I am interested, what is your BO like as far as personality goes? Mine are both very funny, and will eat from my hand, but don't really want to be petted much. I also have a BO cockerel called George, and he is a real hoot. Very good with the girls too.

    Enjoy the eggs and the birds! Krista
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