Buffy the snake slayer!!!

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10 Years
Aug 1, 2009
My baby chickens were freerange for the first time. They were being watched, because they are not of age to be free range. Bella, whom I call Buffy, looked under a bush, and, SNAP!!! She got herself a snake!! The first thing she did was eat it's head off!! She ran away, like crazy, with that thing!! She ran over my hens, and some of them started chasing her!!! Finaly, she gave up.... so I got the snake and gave it to my favorite baby chick, Lacey. She took off running!! Vilet, hungry for some snake, got in a tug-of-war with Lacey, Vilet won, but lacey ate the peace she got. Vilet ran off and finished it off!!!
It was a very funny day!!!
Wow what kind of snake was it and how big was it..

It's usually the other way around with the snake eating the chicks, guess they're getting revenge for all the other snake-eaten chicks. LOL
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