Buggy licey mitey things?? pics


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Feb 19, 2010
These buggy things have infested my chicken house and we think killed my broody chicken they are grey browny black in colour and have little stripes on their back and our 0.03mm-0.07mm
and they don't seem to crowd together at night and don't seem to live on the chickens
(just follow the links to the pictures)



Do you see evidence that they suck blood if you don't see them on the chicken? Can't really tell the size. Do they walk around in the daylight?
sorry they are more about 3mm when they are full grown and they don't appear to suck blood but i'm not sure and they are always out during daylite
Mites have 8 legs, insects, which include lice and grain moths, 6 legs. The grain moths are not particular threat to your birds, but they significantly affect the quality of the feed. They can e a problem in hot weather and in old feed.
i don't think they are grain moths because they don't have wings and what do lice look like they came when we brought a new chicken house which is made out of chipboard if that helps thankyou
I'd still say woodlice or some kind of isopod. Both live in warm damp places and feed off decaying organic matter, or in this case, whatever a chicken would leave behind. If they are fast-ish moving then that's what ya got.

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