Bugs On Momma Hen>> Can ? Should I Treat Babies


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Aug 30, 2010
momma was itching like i have nver seen her skin look chaffed and then i saw a light tanish bug and then another.. and yeah she has 2 babies with her .. what should i do .. she is seperate from other flock should i treat whole flock
thanks so much
Probably lice - My chickens take care of lice by dustbathing. But you definitely don't want the chicks to get lice, it could kill them. I would treat at least the mother. I don't know about the chicks, since I never have to treat my birds, I don't know if they can be treated at such a young age or not. In addition to treating them I would prepare them a spot to dustbathe if you can. Good luck!
thanks for your comment ...
it has been frusterating .. i finally got ahold of a poultry vet who said to finely spray the chicks with frontline spray but i could not find it and the stressing of the vet in dont over spray i was really leary and DID not feel comfortable doing that ... so i went and found some mammapro natural spray and i got momma real good and the chicks seem to be a lil wet from it too .. on the directions it says worded correctly about only with chickens over 10 days old for fear of stress and temp.. but i put them in the house in my big bathroom so they could stay warm and all seems well
This seemed to be a first for all vets i spoke with and the forums and the internet in general
I will keep posting to let all know if it worked... This is horrible first time in almost 2 years i have had this issue but also first time momma hen sat 7 weeks

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