Buiding a coop:Dos & Don'ts-advice please!


8 Years
May 16, 2011
Our coop will eventually be for at least 7 layers & 1 Rooster. I have the advised proportions of the nesting boxes, and some key components like protection from predators, good ventilation and easy cleaning etc. But: what do YOU love about your coop & what would you like to change? I really want easy cleaning- any tips of how best to do that?
Also, we live in the Hudson Valley, NY a REALLY wet, dank & moldy prone place. Any advice on how to kepp humidity down or just avoid mold buildup besides cleaning often?
Thanks for your thoughts! And pictures would be great!

Poop boards are good.

Also linoleum on the floor for easy cleanout.

But I don't have either of those things.
Another vote for dropping boards - less poop in the coop. I love them!! And I agree with ample ventilation. I only thought of winter cold when I built my main coop. Now I regret not putting in more ventilation for summer heat/humidity. I did better with my bantam coop. You can always close off/block off excess ventilation (w/plexiglass, plastic, tarps, wooden "shutters") when needed...easy as pie. But trying to address not having enough ventilation is a pain in the butt.
Dropping board in our bantam coop...
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