Building a coop from a metal shed in Texas = bad idea?


7 Years
Nov 9, 2012
Austin, Texas
I'm new to chickens and I'd like to build a nice, sturdy coop for my girls. I happen to have a metal shed that I'd like to convert. I'm not too worried about insulation in the winter as our winters are very mild but I am worried about the shed getting too hot during summers. Ideally, I would remove 1 full wall of the shed and leave it open to a protected yard. Additionally, I would cut 6-10 inches around the top of the remaining three walls for even more ventilation (covered with wire of course).

Do you think this will be okay for my chickens? The last thing I want is to create an oven! It should also be noted that the roofing on this shed is sheet metal as well.

Any help or tips is greatly appreciated!
If you could place it in a shaded area. Build a large shaded run where they could escape to if the shed gets to hot. And provide plenty of clean cool water. Some other people may have better ideas.
If you do end up using it, opening a wall seems to be pretty good as long as its not where wind regularly blows in form. Painting it white might also help reflect some of the light/heat but someone with more experience should probably help you decide.
Possibly add some insulation to inside of the roof and maybe plywood or paneling of some sort on the walls to cut the heat. The foam panels would work on the roof but the chickens would peck it on the walls.
We insulated our metal shed. Our weather is different than yours - but we insulated actually for the summer because I didn't want condensation dripping from the inside of the metal roof.
There are photos on my hen house page - I highly recommend the stiff insulation under plywood.
good luck

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