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  1. I'm starting this thread to show the progress of my hatcher that I am building. I took apart the old LG today and salvaged the heating element. I also hooked up the server fan to make sure it worked. I still need to gather a thermostat, but I want to use a wafer so I'll have to order that. I'll be cutting the wood parts and assembling the box in a few days. Other than a water pan, and thermostat can anyone think of any other parts that I may need?

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    Good for you .[​IMG]
    Ill be keeping and eye on this thread [​IMG]

    Mire mesh?
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    A small lighting system inside the hatcher would be cool and make for easier photos.
  4. I thought about a lighting system but I dont know what would work in the high humidity, and also not raise the temperature.
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    Quote:Rope light would be easy to install.
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    Quote:Yes, excellent idea! You could even wipe it down with bleach after a hatch.
  8. I got the first part of the hatcher done today. Here are some pics. I started by cutting my pieces and building the box. Its 17" wide, 24" tall, and 24" deep.


    I then cut the board that the fan will be mounted to.


    This is what it will look like with the fan behind it.


    I installed the fan board in the box, and caulked every seam there was to be sure no humidity escaped... this is the front.


    This the the back of the hatcher with the back panel removed.


    After I caulked all the seams, I painted the inside to seal it. I will then add a few coats of clear gloss polyurethane to ensure it hold humidity. I still need to cut the ventilation holes in the back panel, as well as paint it.


    So far this entire project has cost me $14 for the polyurethane, and $5 for shipping of a thermostat from a dear BYC friend. I'll be installing the electrical parts, and building the door on my next days off.
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    Are you going to have racks in the lower part for the eggs? Or are the eggs going to be up top? Just curious [​IMG] And I totally second the rope light idea. That would be nice to be able to see what is going on in there. Are you going to have glass in the door to have a viewing window?? What kind of racks are you planning on having? I think the wood ones with the hardware cloth bottoms look neat. I ask a lot of questions huh?? [​IMG]
  10. Quote:You sure do....

    The heating element will be mounted to the roof, and the water pan will sit on the top shelf.

    I will be adding hatching trays to the bottom part that will hold the chicks. They will have wire mesh on top and bottom so that when the chicks hatch they can't fall out of the trays.

    The door will be a full, double paned plexiglass door, to allow full veiwing of the inside of the hatcher at all times.

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