Building a run for Ware Chick-n-Coop - suggestions needed

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    Aug 2, 2011
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    Hey folks,

    I've got a two year old Ware Chick-n-Coop from my last batch of chickens that I'd like to use for the new girls and I'm looking for some suggestions from people with experience in this area. The last run I built was an 8'x3.5' rectangular monster built with 2"x4"s... It's still going strong, but that's my lone experience with building. The rest of the chickens lived happily in an 8' privacy-fenced backyard in a very urban area and slept in a dogwood tree. I'm a huge fan of the bare bones approach - we only lost one barred rock of our first 7 and this at 2yrs old, but our neighborhood hawk was pretty daft and there was lots of foliage from them and protection from neighborhood cats and dogs. I'm now renting in a far more rural area that I assume has wiser predators.

    I'm thinking of building an "A"-frame style 8'x6' run to attach just below the hinged roof of the Ware coop - but instead of having a pointy top, it'll be flat at 38" tall. This way I can still get into the coop to collect eggs via the fully hinged roof, but won't ever have to worry about closing the front panel. I'll be closing in the bottom and building the frame around it to close it in. The current idea is to have a door at the far end for the girls to roam around the yard while supervised or come out for a jaunt in another pen around the yard.

    My question is: has anyone ever designed a modified run like this to accommodate a previously existing building?

    Also, since the run will be quite short, what level should I have the roosting pole at? I plan to enclose the 2' or so of the run closest to the coop for shade and roosting. The coop has a 38" roosting pole but I'll need another since I'll have 5 heavy hens.

    I appreciate any suggestions... and am looking forward to having my chicks back in the city! [​IMG]

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