Building a silkie coop help me !

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    Oct 3, 2014
    Ok so my silkes are in a hutch off the ground right now because they were so small compared to my larger chickens and my turkey so I keep them in a part of my rabbit hutch because it's divided in to pieces. Well now there nice and big and ready to have a coop and run of there own were they can be safe and happy. I have one too and one hen so I do plan on having little chicks raised by the mother. How much room would you recommend for a silkie I might just do like a regular size chicken but is like to know. also ill be use the real small hole fencing that you can barley fit you pinky threw. What would to recommend for the run floor just regular grass or should I just put sand since the grass will stain there feet since there white. And I thought about this design [​IMG]or like this [​IMG]. Any tips and informations will be great, about littler, nesting box size,roofing,ventilation and etc
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    You want the grass on the ground. People put down sand or litter when the grass is all gone. Those would work fine, just make sure you have lots of ventilation up high. A few guidelines are one square feet of ventilation for every ten feet of floor space, or six square inches for every bird. Leave at least as much as either guideline open at all times, even in severe weather.

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