Building a Wine Cooler Incubator...Which Wine Cooler is Big Enough to Hold the Hova Bator 1611 Egg T

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    Jul 24, 2009
    I am planning to build my own incubator using a wine cooler and this Incukit from Incubator Warehouse, which includes the heater, fan, and digital thermostat and temperature probe all in one unit: The thing is, I want to use the Hova Bator 1611 automatic egg turner, which is 17" X 17" square, and I'm having a hard time figuring out which wine coolers are large enough to accommodate one of those turners. Most of the dimensions I see online only show the exterior dimensions, and most of the coolers are around 18 inches wide, so I imagine after taking into account the thickness of the wall, that will leave less than 17 inches width. Does anybody know of a model or brand of wine cooler that is wide enough to accommodate one of those auto turners? I may be asking for something that doesn't exist, but I hope not! I've seen plenty of pics of homemade wine cooler incubators, but none with that 42 chicken egg auto turner.

    Edit: Well, I saw two places last night that specified these were 17" X 17", but now I see several references to the 1611 turner being 15" x 15". Hmmm...
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