Building My Wife & Myself A New Chicken House

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    I am remodeling a old storage building into a new chicken house we are up to 47 45 laying hens & 2 roosters .My question is How many posts & 8 ft decking board the posts are also 8 ft the pen itself is going to be 20'x20' i need a little help so i don't buy too many or too little lumber we will be placing post every 8' Oh & there will be a door so i can inside of the pen so who ever can help me crunch the numbers it will 4' wide & the height will be at least 6.5-' 7' tall
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    Look at pole building construction guidelines, and build for your snow load, etc. There are lots of sources for building specs, and your local building inspector's office can help too. Four hundred sq. ft. is on the smaller size for 45 birds, and you will want a storage area too. Consider a Woods coop design, or a shed design. Make it tall enough to have bedding and still walk upright; eight feet, not seven! Mary So I can't count yet this morning! 400 sq. ft. is really big! Plenty of room, what was I thinking?!? Mary
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