Building our own coop --help wanted

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    Jun 22, 2011
    After looking at innumerable sites online in search of an affordable coop w/run for 10 large chickens to absolutely no avail, we have decided to build our own. Only thing is... we have little idea of how to go about it [​IMG] Looked at a lot of really nice chicken houses here but really need more information on how to build and what supplies will be needed. In other words, really need plans/blueprints folks!! We are planning on getting 10-12 Delaware chicks and once they are old enough to enter the Outside World we would really like to build a nice (not too fancy) house for them complete with outside run, layer boxes, roosts and removable pan for cleaning. Our budget really runs to about $600-700 if at all possible.

    Would really appreciate any help ya'll could give us [​IMG]

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    [​IMG] Welcome to the forum! [​IMG] Glad you decided to join us! [​IMG]

    My suggestion is to go to the library and get a book on how to build a shed. There are some really good ones available. If you find one you like, you can probably find it online if you want to buy it. You can also get some pretty decent books at Home Depot or Lowe's if you want to buy one there.

    The only difference in a shed and a coop is a roost, nests, a pop door, and ventilation. The roost is just a pole, board, or tree limb running across the coop, For ideas on how simple nests can be, check out this thread.

    The pop door, which is the chicken sized door, is not that hard. You cut a 12" x 12" hole and put a door on it.

    Ventilation sounds tough but it does not have to be. At the top of one or more walls, leave a space from the top of the siding and under the overhang, then cover that with hardware cloth to keep predators out.

    For 12 chickens I suggest you look at an 8' x 8' building. It is a little bigger than the absolute minimum you need, but I find you have to work less in managing the chickens if you have a little extra room. Besides, most building materials come in 4' or 8' lengths or widths. You should be able to build an 8' x 8' for practically the same cost as a 7' x 7'.

    You can start looking on Craigslist for a door or a window or two. Windows and doors are not that hard to build from scratch, but it is nice to not have to build them.

    Welcome to the adventure.
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    Jun 13, 2011
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    I am working off the link in my signature that has provided more than enough inspiration and direction and should easily fill your needs for direction. Welcome to the site!! I hope that you will enjoy it as much as I have come to enjoy it!!
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    Where are you located? That makes a big difference in coop building. I don't get snow, nor much rain, I'm hot and dry, so mine are very open. I build more aviary style coops.
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  5. [​IMG]

    It's a good idea to find materials locally used and generaly cheaper. It is necessary to build according to your climate. Check out many of the coops here on BYC. Remember to make it predator proof for your specific area so no snakes, rats, coons, coyotes, dogs ect can get to your chickens. I have made many different models that you are encouraged to look at on my BYC page. These are merely for reference. Feel free to ask any questions.
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    The purina coop is awesome, with free plans. Go here and click on the images to download the pdf.
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    Dec 17, 2009
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    I didn't have much experience building coops when I first started. Now I've build quite a few since I have more then chickens now. I love making them. I only have an idea in my head and I go from there. I have never put anything on paper. Since I was new at building and I think I still am I decided to look at dog houses. Yep, that's where I started. I knew from there I could go bigger. I've even looked at kids play houses. You know, those fancy $5000.00 jobs? Yeah, great views of the inside and stuff. Here are a couple that I have built by myself.

    The small one is the nursery and the bigger one is the brooder house.

    I have 3 in this style. It's a 4x8x4. Each was designed for different birds. One is for ducks and the other 2 are for chickens. Chickens get a pop out door, roosts and nest boxes. Ducks don't need all that so I just keep the large door open for them. They are basic. My husband designed these and we built them together.

    I am now starting to get more creative and I think I will go bigger. We will see. I just enjoy making them. I'm in no hurry so I can make changes as I see fit. The best part is finding wood on sale someplace or using scraps.

    See if you find anything here:

    hope this helps.
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    Jun 1, 2011
    You can upload Google Sketch (for free) and design your own 3-D coop with all of the info you have learned. Then you can get the exact style you want.
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    Apr 21, 2009
    I am currently converting a 8x8 shed into a coop. You may want to try Craigslist for a used shed (got mine for $300) then tweak it the way you want. Also a shed kit from any of the home improvement stores would work also, or a book on building sheds, then it's just a matter of adding your run and the intenral things like roosts and nesting boxes. You should be able to get good ideas for those from the coop section here on BYC.
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    Apr 20, 2011
    [​IMG] we're in the thick of building our coop right now, first thing we did was order "chicken coops for dummies" from amazon. very helpful if you're not a handy man! as far as materials we've used pallets (they're free), we did have to buy 2x4's for some of the frame work, paint, hinges,hardware cloth, that sort of thing and so far our costs are about $125.
    the best advice i can offer is plan on it taking more time than you think it will!!! we're pushing a month now [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]!! good luck and have fun!!

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