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building without a wood floor?

Discussion in 'Coop & Run - Design, Construction, & Maintenance' started by SarniaTricia, Dec 22, 2011.

  1. Hi all
    I am looking for a bigger property and have dropped the requirement for a barn.
    I am finding great barns and the DH is naying the house. The point being it is easier and cheaper to build a barn than a new house. [​IMG]

    So here is my question?
    all the plans for a new chicken house call for a wood floor.
    my existing coop/run has half patio stones/half dirt floor.

    Would there be an issue with building with a dirt floor?
    I already have someone offering me goats in the spring. Would goats be ok with a dirt floor or dirt/straw floor?
    What about other livestock. My overall goal to be off the grid and self sufficient.

    Patricia & The Girls

  2. annie3001

    annie3001 My Girls

    Jun 11, 2009
    i would not want a dirt floor. predators can dig thru and get your chickens.
  3. I had planned on concrete blocks and hardware cloth buried around the perimeter.
  4. Quote:That`s it !! Security would be your #1 problem. However, buried hardware cloth would not be needed. Regular 2X4" welded wire would keep digging varments out and be cheaper. Hardware cloth is only good to keep varments from reaching through. Dirt floors are great when the soil has good drainage. If the smell begins to get outta hand, mix in some lime and all is well. Good hunting and Merry Christmas.....Pop
  5. aoxa

    aoxa Crowing

    You are in the exact same boat as me! [​IMG]

    We are looking at houses, and I am more concerned with the barn than the house. Ohhh if the barn was beautiful inside and out, I'd be out there 24/7. I know I would be [​IMG]
  6. We don't fight often, but he was really insistant about NOT getting the great barn and chicken coop with the death trap/money pit of a house!
    But you should have seen the BARN!!
    two car garage with wood stove, hobby room AND on the other side a three stall horse barn with storage room! small/cute little chicken coop alread built next to the garage/barn!
    had a well and 2 acres for me to use! all it needed was a major reno on the house....second thought, tear down the house and build a new on the other half of the lot....

    Oh well, we will keep looking. we have a tight area we want to be in and a limited bugdet, but with time and luck we will find what we are looking for. (hopefully before we get chicken evicted)

    thanks for the comments. any other creative ideas are always appreciated.
    Patricia and The Girls
  7. aoxa

    aoxa Crowing

    Quote:My dream house has been sold [​IMG]

    It had an outdoor tub/shower and was so secluded and beautiful! The house wasn't half bad, but it was 45 min drive away from work. We couldn't do that.. It had three barns. Was only 99,000$ too. [​IMG]

    I went to look for pictures to show you, but it's off the MLS site. That could only mean one thing, right?

    Do you have to sell the house you are in now?

  8. popsicle

    popsicle Songster

    We're in the process of buying a house too. The one we're waiting to close on has 3.3 acres, a nice-enough house and several outbuildings. We passed up some places with more land and better sheds/pole barns because the houses were not very nice.

    I think your husband is right, the house is the most expensive thing to fix.

    Good luck on your search for a great new home!
  9. BarefootMom

    BarefootMom Songster

    Jul 20, 2010
    Half Way, Missouri
    Most barns around here don't have wood floors. Many are just dirt - especially if it is a large barn.

    How big are you making your barn?

    If you are still wanting a house- have you looked into the pole barn house options? - that is what we are striving for. Many places that offer pole barns have house options for relatively cheap. DH and I have it figured where we can build a 40x60 house for less than $40K I know it seems like a lot of money, but it would be a 2400 sq ft house!
  10. Selling the existing house would be needed if we can't find anything in our price range. We have other rental properties too and I want to rent the existing house. DH has a strong dislike for the working for someone else to live in it, but, he puts up with my obession on not selling any property I buy.

    I already drive half an hour to drop of the DH at work then another 15 to 20 to get to work myself, so a 45 minute drive wouldn't bother me for the DREAM house/barn.
    the retirement plan includes building equity and finding the perfect place to pay off and be self sufficient with the sale of eggs, meat and pottery. (I throw too!)

    I was thinking on posting on Kijiji a trade. I still have to talk to my realestate lawyer on if that could happen, but someone might be out in the county and want to move into a sub division? or have a farm and just can't move it, subdivision property might move better.
    just thinking.

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