bulb went in incubator day 19!


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May 2, 2011
Hi all

My eggs were in lockdown and went I went to bed humidity was 70 and temp was perfect.

When I got up this morning 7 hours later the bulb had gone in the night and the eggs felt cool. The humidity was also 80. I've quickly changed the bulb.. We had 20 due to hatch, will they be ok?

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At day 19 your chicks should be very well developed and producing some heat of their own even with the bulb going and the temp dropping it would have taken longer for the inside of the egg to cool to a critical level.

I would leave them in and see what happens. There have been many people who have had power loss during incubation and still had a good hatch.

Good luck :fl


Apr 6, 2015
x2 Eggs are more resilient than most give them credit for.

When I was a kid I was given an old incubator. I put eggs in it and my grandpa showed me how to set it to get a good hatch. My first hatch was good so I put another batch in. A kid being a kid I became interested in other things and forgot about the eggs I put in the incubator. One evening I was hanging out in my room and I kept hearing a peeping sound. Sure enough I opened the incubator and of all the eggs I piled in there was a single black and yellow chick. How it managed to survive and hatch I'll never know but it just goes to prove nature includes some safe guards to help over come things like a hen that wonders from the nest too long or a kid that forgets he has eggs in an incubator. My bet is they pull through.


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Sep 12, 2013
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... When I got up this morning 7 hours later the bulb had gone in the night and the eggs felt cool ...

Avoid this problem by splitting your heat source... Say you have a single 60W bulb... Replace it with 2 x 25W bulbs, connected in parallel... In the event one goes out, the good one keeps the temperature up... No more worries.


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