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    Nov 27, 2016
    My chicken is acting sick today and I checked her over and she has a large soft bulge on top of her chest. Is this where they get their food stuck in route to stomach? I can't remember the name of condition. I always thought it would be in the neck ??? Do I gently try to mush it down? She is still making droppings but is quite skinny (other than bulge) she's a very fluffy chicken so I didn't notice until checking her over.
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    Feb 20, 2017

    The bulge above a chicken's chest is called the crop. It is normal for the crop to fill up a few times a day after the chicken eats, which causes it to bulge. This is where the food goes before travelling to the stomach. If your chicken is acting sick, it may have an impacted crop. Isolate your chicken from the others, and don't give it any food for a little while. If the crop doesn't empty by the evening, and your chicken is still acting sick, then it possibly has an impacted crop. Whatever you do, do not give your chicken any food-it will make it worse. If your chicken has an impacted crop, provide water and grit. Begin massaging from the base of the crop upward. This will help break up the blockage. Hope this helps!

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    Jul 19, 2016
    You are most likely seeing the crop.The crop slowly gets bigger as the day goes on,The food from the crop moves down down to the proventriclus into the gizzard to be grinded up then moves down the intestinal tract and out the cloaca.Is the crop hard?.What other symptoms is she experiencing?
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