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    Aug 7, 2016
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    Im a new feather momma. I adopted three 3 1/2 month old silkies. When i adopted my little black lady Coco had an eye injury. I was told that a kid in the area picked her up and thrown her. The previous owners had taken her to the vet where she was given antibiotic cream and oral medicatio. He eye was a mess and bulging our of her head. The previous owner has fine wood shavings in with her and had not been washing the eye only applying the cream. Thi made for an awful mass on her eye that the antibiotic could not penitrate. I started washing it when she came to me and after a few days Coco pulled the eye scab off. I continued washing the eye with faulse tears and applying an antibiotic ointment. That seemed to help a little but no big change. I went to my vet and he gave me a mastitis liquid to put a couple drops into her eye. That seemed to do the trick a couple drops every day. Her eye started to shrink. It is very hot and dry right now and I am finding it increasingly difficult to keep her eye moist. I have been tending to her for a few weeks now and I dont know if I should let the eye scab or try and keep it moist. Anyone have any ideas?[​IMG]

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