Bullied Chicken?

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    Aug 4, 2013
    Hello, I currently have 31 hens and a rooster in my chicken house and one of my hens are being bullied. She is a old English game bantam and she spends everyday in a different pen. I have a little fence in area where I keep my feed and supplies and she flies over the fence into that area. I have tried to put her back but she just flies right back over the fence. I feel bad for her because whenever I try to put her back the other hens just go nuts and try and peck her and chase her. Any advice on what I should do? Should I be worried that they my injure her? I put feed and water where she flies over. Thanks!

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    She needs to have one place to live so the pecking order can be sorted out in that group. If she is the only one being attacked, particularly if the rest are not bantams, it may be best to find her another home.

    If you can identify a "lead bully," sometimes this can be fixed by removing the bully for a week or so from the flock, then returning her, as she will be around the bottom of the pecking order upon return, just as a new bird would be.

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