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    Jan 31, 2013
    I had to separate one of my hens becaused she was being bullied I didn't notice at first how thin and ragged she looked because she was always small. I have four hens and have had them now for 3 years and they have always been together. she has been separated now for 3 weeks and when I try to let the others in with her she runs for the hills crying, I put 1 of the hens in with her and she just ran. she is not lonely because she can see the others They have lots of room they live in a converted garden shed with nest boxes etc and can get out though a little door to a slabbed erea also when the main shed door is pen they can get out into a cordon off part of the garden with shrubs its like an hotel plenty L/Pellets corn- veg. since my hen has been separated she has put on weight and her tail feathers are growing back and is looking happy again. she sleeps In a chicken coup at night and is very content. what can I do separate the bully which one they all join in but 1 of them is the loudest squarking all the time where the others hardly make a sound. is this the bully ? Also I live next to a river which floods my land and this will flood where my hen is so will have to puy her back with the other have no choice then. I have to do it now before the flood. Heeeeeelp
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    Is the loner coop big enough for 3 birds? If so I'd swap their housing.
    Then after 3 days, put the more docile of the 3 in with the loner. 3 more days add another. 3 more days add the worst one.

    She was probably ragged from molting. Being thin could be that they kept her from the feed or she has worms.
    I'd do a fecal test. Is she laying eggs? I'd cut out the corn for a while and up the protein a little.
    When they're back together add a feeder to another part of the coop.
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    Sep 28, 2013
    What they are doing is called the pecking order and it shows who is the boss. It is just the chicken way. She will most likely be bullied for awhile but eventally might become accepted by the rest.

    Here is a list of ways to mantian a stable pecking order:

    -Give your chickens plenty of room so that the lower-ranking chickens can get away from the high ranked ones

    -Keep enough feeders and drinkers so that the lower –ranking chickens can get some food and water without being chased away by the higher ranking chickens

    -Bring new birds in at night so that the they will not be seen as outsiders by the high-rankers

    -Make sure that they have good nutrition

    -Make sure they have good ventilation

    Good luck! [​IMG]

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