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    Apr 12, 2010
    We have 4 hens that are all just over a year old. they were raised together and have gotten along well during their short lives. In the last few weeks I have noticed some mean and agressive behaviors from the 2 boldest hens. Our peckign order is nto clear, we seem to have 2 top hens and 2 bottom hens.

    The RIR is constantly biting us. When my back is turned she will run up and jump onto my leg (calf) and peck me. This happens at least once a week, either to me or my partner. She has also tried to chase guests out of our yard. She is decent to the other hens but seems to want to dominate humans. I have responded to her attacks by putting her on 'time-out' in the hen house while the other free range.

    The BPR is nasty to the sweet, gentle GLW. She has removed feather from the GLW's back and neck. When the birds come in to roost the BPR will chase the GLW out of the hen house and she is then forced to roost out in the run, alone. I have responded to this by removing the BPR from the hen house and making her sleep outside alone. I place the GLW on the roost inside the hen house.

    Why are these birds so grump all of a sudden? What can I do to mellow everyone out. I've considered dosing the feed with qualudes.

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