Bully breeds - share your dogs!


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May 7, 2012
Cheney, WA
I adore bully type dogs! ...All of them, from pugs to pit bulls. Share your photos & stories!

Here are my Boston Terriers / Bulldogs, I adopted them from a dog rescue 2 years ago and they mean the world to me. I can't begin to describe how much I love these dogs.



Beautiful Bostons. Nothing like a comedian in a tuxedo to make you laugh. I like French Bulldogs.
Here is Nitro, my Boyfriend's families dog. He's a black Pug the picked up from the breeder I want to say 2 years ago???
I never liked Pugs, until I met him. I prefer the black ones though.

This is Ebby, my Grandma's Staffy. My Aunt found her roaming Downtown. She looked for an owner, but no one knew the dog. She was in good body condition, but had some scaring. We think she was a fighting dog or a bait dog at one point in her life. She's now 8ish and one of the sweetest dogs you'll ever meet. She does have some issues, like she isn't fond of dogs she knows, she likes her personal space, and is protective of her "baby" a younger Golden Retriever dog. She's not fond of people getting in her face either. She has had some past incedients, but we think that was due to the person walking her, as she's never had an incident while a family member was walking her.

This is Kahlua, who has been re-named Sophie. My Boyfriend and I adopted her and her sister Harlow from a woman who could no longer care for them. She said she found them in a bag in the dumpster left to die. She took them in until we adopted them. Harlow, when we got her, looked like a Chihuahua, she was skin and bones and was the size of a Chihuahua, she didn't even look like a Pit. Sophie was about double the size. We made the choice to give Harlow to an experience Pit owner who had the money to give her the care she needed. You could tell by looking at ehr she would need some medical care and it would cost a pretty penny. More money than my Boyfriend and I had to spend. Sophie was kept confined in the house and only allowed outside under supervision when some family problems hit, so now she has developed some issues. My Boyfriend and I have tried very hard to correct them by getting her out, and letting her meet new people. She has made great progress in the short time. She still has a ways to go though.
The size difference between Sophie and Harlow.
This is Witt. My heart and soul dog

Deanna, what kind of dog is Witt? He's cute!

Up until a few months ago I would have told you he was a Catahoula and Shar-pei mix. I had been told his mother was a pb Catahoula. However I ran one of those Wisdom Panel DNA tests and it came back that he is 1/4 Staffordshire terrier, 1/4 German Shepherd, about 20% American Bulldog, about 10% Australian Shepherd and then smaller parts Briard, Miniature Poodle, and Soft coated Wheaten Terrier. Go figure!
Whatever he is....he is the most unique dog I have ever met on every level.

Love his colors! I had a red Doberman named Witt. Smartest dog I've ever had. She wasn't one of those wispy greyhound-like dobe you see today. She was built solid and square She wouldn't win in any show ring but she won my heart.

Anyway, back to the bulldogs!
Haha, that's neat! I was thinking Aussie for sure, and staffie or pit, but wouldn't have guessed all those others!
Some of my Bullies from over the years..

Sue. Had three working legs. Fantastic guard dog, GREAT coon killer. Was a true yellow color. Lived about 7 years. Sue was such a sweety.

Bruiser. Lived about two years, got tangled up in a fight with a bob cat and bled out on us. He was a MASSIVE dog. 110 plus pounds. Bigger than our Great Pyr at the time... Sue's brother.

Bruiser standing a full head taller than Sue, who was three at the time and bruiser was about 18months here.

Bruiser the water dog.


One of my favorite pictures of Bruiser. I miss my boys! Bruiser was picture perfect, great dog. He was very cautious of new people and an excellent guard dog. I was the only one who could handle him and he was very wary. Would growl/ warn people if they got to close for comfort to me. Never let me down.

My boys again. I LOVED taking pictures of them and have hundreds.

The only picture I can find at this time of my childhood dog, Sprockette. Died two years ago at 13. She was mother to Sue and Grand mother to Bruiser.

Really miss these three. Their place in my heart will not be replaced, and I've had buillies in between... None were ever up to par.
Including miss Lana, who just up and vanished on night from her chain out back... Lana was out of Sprockette's third and final litter. Lana LOVED going for tractor rides, and car rides, and everything in between.


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