Bullying 4 week old chicks

Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by citygirlfarmer3, Mar 25, 2016.

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    I have read on the forum several threads on bullying but none are this situation. We have 4 females and 12 males which were sent for warmth. We have a female who pecks perfectly healthy chicks to bloodiness. I thought they were crowded so we moved to a much larger area. The bloodiness continued. When I find one bloodied I move it to what I call the infirmary until they heal. We also have a splayed leg male. The splayed leg is always in the infirmary. I was down to just the four females and two males in the largest coop with 3 males in the infirmary and 7 in a large tote. More bloodiness in the large coop. So moved the bloody male to the tote and the poor almost tail featherless female to the infirmary. All was well for 2 days. Added the healed female back and 2 days ago another female had a bloody bottom and the male had a bloody wing. The almost tail featherless was also showing signs of being pecked again. I was ale to determine the pecker and separated the bully who was quite upset at being alone. The 8 males which had been in a large tote have been moved in with the baby ducks and during the day are in our fenced night coop in the backyard. Today we tried to introduce the bully female which we believe is an Amerucana in with the ducks and males in the backyard. She was immediately jumped on by four males. So we brought her and two males in to keep her company. In less than 5 minutes she was pecking the males. So we again removed her. She is sitting calmly on my husband’s arm while he is walking around the kitchen. He tried to put her down and she wouldn’t let go of his arm. So what do we do? She doesn’t get along nicely with others but is very sweet just by herself (on my husband’s arm), doesn’t like being alone in a crate and keeping her separate is not really an option. So sad. Please help!
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    Welcome to BYC! I'm glad you joined us! :)
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    You NEED to do something with her. Either rehome her, or make a house chicken out of her. Clearly she cannot play well with others. Once a chicken is bleeding often the others will attack it too. Blood attracts them and cannibalism is common among chickens. They just don't s top pecking.

    You may want to check out "people with housechickens," thread
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    Thank you for replying drumstick diva. I just noticed I started this on the wrong forum. We have moved all but three of the new chicks to the backyard with the baby ducks. So far so good. We have never had to work so hard raise baby chicks. We had one of the males sent for warmth die the first day. We had the ducks make the shavings so wet the chicks were shivering (separated the ducks out and used a hair dryer on the chicks). We one male just start acting poorly and died the same day. We have a splayed leg male (I tried to tape the leg but guess I didn't know what I was doing because now it goes straight out the back), at one time or another 8 or 9 with bloodied wings (one still looking bad and is with the splayed leg), and one male has had crusty bottom (also with the splayed legged chick--warm bath helped and he is on day three of a clear bottom). I was constantly separating out the wounded to heal.

    The big chickens can fly over the fence and come to check out the baby chicks but for the most part leave them alone. SO for the moment we have happy chickens.


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