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    Apr 12, 2017
    I have one EE chick, approx 7 weeks old that consistently plucks the feathers out of 3 other chicks backs/tails. I put BluKote and Pick-no-more on, and that seemed to stop it for a time, but always starts up again within a few days. I was initially separating the chickens that were getting plucked to allow them to heal, but now just have the one doing the plucking separated. She's in a dog crate in the run with the other chicks, so they can see each other but she can't get to them. The problem is, they all still sleep next to her (against the side of the dog crate) so they are still getting plucked. My other EE is the usual victim, and every time a few feathers start growing on her back, they get plucked out and she starts bleeding. Any solutions to this? Will they ever learn to get along? They have ample space and plenty of food/water. It's also not too hot here. 70's in the day with a lot of shade,and 50's at night. These are my first chicks, so I'm not sure if this is normal behavior.

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