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    I've scoured the search function, read the lovely Raising Chickens for Dummies on the pecking/dominance games hens play.

    What I'm experiencing:

    In May we purchased two Dutch banties (two sisters) and then three (one was rehomed) smaller/younger banties.
    Two coops, side by side. Tried integrating when the smaller banties were approximately the same size.

    The two Dutch banties bullied the Sebright more then the D'Uccle. My daughter was upset and separated them while the parental units decided to build a bigger/neutral coop for all four.

    Move in day. Younger birds in first. It was dusk and all were pretty laid back. Then put in the Dutchs' in.

    Since then, the two older hens bedevil the life out of one and both of these younger pullets. It's as if they are tag-teaming the hey let's attack, peck and chase.

    The two older hens (Pumpkin and Pepper the dutch bullies) are laying. Buffy (D'Uccle) and Henny Goodman (Sebright) are getting close. Now that they are being hounded, I wonder if it'll stress them into not laying any time soon.

    Should I let them continue doing this hoping they'll eventually integrate into a somewhat happy flock or am I facing a pair of bullies that will not accept?

    Thanks for any suggestions.

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    I would separate one of the bullies in a wire cage for a few days. This usually knocks them down a notch in the pecking order. Put the cage in the same coop with food and water.[​IMG]
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    Wow..so glad you asked that!
    Having the same issue with diff birds...
    I will try the cage in the coop idea too.
  4. chaoschicken

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    Thanks for the reply.

    I'll give it a shot.

    That or I'll go get a rooster for them. [​IMG] Unless my daughter's rooster/top hen impression works still.

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