Jun 3, 2020
I have a mixed flock of 9 girls. I have some RIRs, white leghorns, americanas and buffs. I’ve had them about a year and a half now and all has been well. Thanksgiving day I noticed my reds attacking one of my americanas. Upon investigation I noticed one of her toenails was missing and it had been bleeding. I separated her in a see but don’t touch area and made sure she wasn’t bleeding anymore. For 3 days now I’ve tried to integrate her back in bc I don’t want her to have to stay away from the rest of the flock any longer than needed. My RIRs are still attacking her. The noise my poor baby makes is horrid so I quickly take her back out. The other girls are not messing with her it’s just the reds. Any suggestions as this is my first flock and first time I’ve had to do this.


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Take the RIR out of the flock for a period of time - days not hours and then reintroduce them one at a time over a period of several days. Hopefully they will have lost position and will be more concerned with themselves rather than the EE.

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