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    Dec 30, 2008
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    I have two hens (a RIR and a BR) in a barn stall / improvised coop that have been there since the holidays. One just started to lay. Two weeks ago I picked up two Red Stars (one of which is laying) and I keep them in a largish dog crate just outside the pen holding the other hens. The two sets of birds are inches from each other and can see into each area.

    This past weekend, I put the Red Stars into the pen with the other two birds and the BR in particular really started to peck the newcomers. No blood, but after a few minutes I pulled them out and put them back in the dog crate. My health has slowed down the building of my new chicken coop which now won't be ready until sometime in May and I had planned to put all four of them into their new quarters in hopes of reducing the fighting. I'd rather not wait that long so I guess I'll try again.

    What are the odds of fairly mature birds doing a bunch of damage? All of the birds are roughly equal in size with the Red Stars being just a bit smaller. Should I combine this evening, walk away and let things take their course, checking back in the morning or do I run the risk of losing a bird or two. By the way, the Red Stars are very docile in general. They don't mind getting picked up and don't even mind the dogs sniffing at them. The other two are much more leery, perhaps due to their breed or their early upbringing....I don't know. I didn't start them myself.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated and thank you all in advance.
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    I will be sneaking my new girls with my older girls at night... I have heard it's the easiest transtition since chickens can't count..They say they don't even notice the new girls... Also I would expect some fighting to establish pecking order... Good lUck

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