1. Aspen47591

    Aspen47591 In the Brooder

    Apr 1, 2008
    I have moved one of our Auracana chicks to an "infirmary". I had a small mammal cage, so I fixed it up for her and she is now hanging out in the master bath.

    We noticed several days ago that she walked funny. I don't know if her leg is fractured or dislocated. She is much smaller than the others, and I have noticed that it looks like she has been pecked at. Her tail feathers are short and her back has a bald spot. I think the others have been bullying her. She may be smaller because she hasn't been able to eat like the others.

    So, now, she is able to eat and drink without being knocked away. I don't know if that leg will ever heal, but at least she will be able to get the nutrition she needs.

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