Bumble foot and broken leg...now what?

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    May 6, 2011
    I posted last week about my White Rock hen (Henny Penny) that had been mauled by something. Her leg is broken and has been splinted. She is doing well but last night while checking out her broken leg and her foot, I noticed the telltale black scab that I take to be bumblefoot. There is minimal swelling and no redness. Before the attack, however, I had noticed that she had been limping.

    At this point she is only beginning to move the leg.. Most of the time (when she stands) the leg/foot is drawn up and held close to her body. She is in a scrupulously clean crate with shredded paper and I have been taking her outside for brief spells of pecking in the dirt and visiting with her flock (she really seems to enjoy these outings). Since she is not using the leg, I am thinking of wrapping the foot with some ichthammal (SP?) black salve and changing the dressing every other day. BUT..my question is this: Am I better off to just let her recuperate from the broken leg before I add something else to the mix? I don't want to discourage her from using the leg/foot, but I'm also pretty sure the BF isn't going to resolve with out some sort of treatment.

    I'd really appreciate any advice.


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