bumble foot and egg bound??

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  1. Evelle

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    Apr 27, 2011
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    alright so here is the story of her just so you know shes pretty special to me. i had 8 barred rocks. one night i counted 9 i was very confused had no clue why i kept counting 9 so had my husband come out and count he counted the same. some how i acumulated an extra chicken in my coop no clue where she came from but she didnt want to leave.
    shes had a tough time tring to find her place in my flock. them not being very nice to this new comer she got pecked on alot.

    now that you know she my mystery chicken.
    yesterday i noticed her bum was a little red so i took a little closer look and thought maybe it looks that way because she was a little muddy. and didnt pay that much mind to her the rest of the day

    today as i was doing my chores i noticed her foot was swollen and her bum was even more red then yesterday. i grabbed her and put her in a very warm tub and sooked her in some ESalts to see if that at all would help as i was dring her off i knoticed a hole in the bottom of her foot.
    but her bum looks much better she had to very good poops very big in the tub and one on the towle (the size of my broody hens poos..HUGE!!)

    i dont know what to do or think im worryed im going to have to cull her. for she adopted us. and ive never heard a chicken doing that.
    HELP!! am i over reacting or is something really wrong with her what do you suggest i do?
    couldnt get a good shot of her bum but this will be good i hope
    Edit also i forgot to say we had a dog attack our flock about three days ago.
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  2. Evelle

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    Apr 27, 2011
    North Idaho
    nobody has any clue whats wrong??
  3. greenacresinNE

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    May 10, 2010
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    I have no clue about her back end, but that sure looks like bumble foot to me.
  4. Evelle

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    Apr 27, 2011
    North Idaho
    thank you thats what im most concerned about. her bum looks better today.
    so what do i do with bummble foot?? how do i help her.
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    Jun 13, 2011
    You said there is a little hole in her foot? Perhaps she was stung by something? I don't know...? I would definately move her to a "convelesent box" (I use a large storage bin with a little waterer and feeder in it, kept in the my office) and keep an eye on her. Maybe try soaking the foot some more, and putting some benadryl cream or antiboitic cream on it? Just some things I would try... Good luck, I hope she's okay.
  6. The bumblefoot will need to be addressed. do a search on here about it. there are a lot of great posts on it and what to do. If it is Bumblefoot and you ignore it, it can kill her.
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  7. Evelle

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    Apr 27, 2011
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    [​IMG] ive seen some thing on it. does everything on bummble foot have to be so abrasive as cutting her foot open??
    there is no black scab on her foot. just a hole on the bottom i was also thinking my wonderful beautiful did i mention OBNOXIOUS goat could have step on her.
    should i just watch her for a while?? or just go on thinking it is bummble foot?? its warm to the touch and she doesnt seem bothered by it not limping or holding it up.
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    You can also use Tricide Neo for bumblefoot in lieu of surgery. Type "tricide neo" in the BYC search box and read up on it if you wish.
  10. Evelle

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    Apr 27, 2011
    North Idaho
    Thank You!!!! Much Apprecated!!!

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