Bumble Foot and red streak up leg

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    I need some advice... i just noticed my hen has bumble foot. I did some research and decided it needed to be removed right away. I followed all steps in a video i saw on YouTube and from research i read online. I have no idea if i got it all out (Im pretty sure i didnt). I removed it yesterday and today when i went to check her i noticed a red streak up her leg. I read that i red streak is a sign of a secondary infection. Can anyone give me any advice on how i should further treat her? Is it to late to treat her? Will antibiotics work? Any advice is greatly appreciated. Pictures attached..Thanks!

    24 hours after removal

    Before cutting

    The Kernel/Core
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    can you post a picture of the streak?
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    Make sure to keep the wound bandaged up and dry for at least 4 to 5 weeks and the scab falls off. Bumblefoot takes a long time to heal and the scab will not keep crud and infection out of the wound.

    Everyday for the first week after surgery, unwrap the foot and have a look see. I think you did a wonderful job and got all of it out. If wound area is red and scabby, just apply more ointment to the area, cover with a tiny piece of gauze and rewrap with fresh vet wrap. If it looks yellow or pus like, you will need to do another surgery. After a week of it looking good, you can check it every 2 days. By the 3rd week, you can check every 3 days, but always rewrap with new wrap and apply more ointments each time. But the 4 and 5th weeks, don't apply anymore ointments so the would hardens off. Keep it wrapped until the scab falls off.

    As for this red line...many hens have a red line up the side of their legs. This sort of signifies their hormones are strong. You may have just now noticed this? If you watch your birds at molting time, this red line can disappear for awhile, only to return when the bird's hormones kick back in and are ready to lay.

    BUT..if you do have a picture, we can confirm this.

    Good luck and keep us posted! :)

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