bumble foot? egg bound? vent picking?

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    Mar 24, 2010
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    all of a sudden, we are having problems with all three at once, and of course, all three were menat to go to a show two weeks from now! firstly, some of the chickens have slightly swollen back toes... is this bumble foot? how can i treat it? secondly, one of the show hens has had some trouble with egg binding... due to stress, i think. she's in the bathroom with the heat on right now, but when i moved her i also noticed her breathing was a little off. whenever she took a breath, she made a sound like the tick of a clock almost. her crop was empty, but she ate readily enough when i added some water to her feed... she won't drink anything though... what's wrong with her? and finally, my cornish hen has always had some trouble with prolapse (when the internal portion of the cloaca comes out whenever she lays an egg, often due to obesity with is common in heavy breeds like cornish). the chicken in the coops she's in never pick it, but one particualarly nastly leghorn (i only keep her because she's a good layer and a great show bird) picked her vent when i made the mistake of housing them together before the show and her vent started bleeding profusely-not just outside it, but INSIDE TOO. i seperated her and washed her vent off with warm water, then put some neosporin on the outside. is there anything else i can do to help her?

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