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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by jwood, Oct 13, 2015.

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    Hoping someone can offer a bit of advice. I'm ashamed to say both my ducks have bumble foot. One of them has it pretty bad on both feet. I just wondering if anyone has had luck with Healx Soother plus cream. I can get it easily from my vet and am hoping i can apply without wrapping the feet. Currently we are trying Guard and Wound Spray recommended from the farm supply store but its a bit of a pain because i have to spray it on and wrap their feet.

    Also i was wondering if i HAVE to take off the black scabs? i have tried soaking them in warm water with Epson salts and peeling off the scabs but it seems painful for them and it bleeds a lot. i guess i don't have the heart to poke and mess around with the scabs when it looks so sore.

    I'm hoping a few days of cream and soaking the feet the scabs will loosen and come off?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated! My husband isn't keen on spending this much time and money on two antisocial $4 ducks.


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    What about you are you willing to spend a bit of time soaking their feet in warm Epsom salt water? don't pull off the scabs until they easily peal up when you put you nail under the edge. And sometimes they will come off on their own but it can take sometime so daily soaking and treating after is a must to keep the bumbles from becoming septic and going into the bone and blood of your ducks. So soak daily can you get colorless [clear iodine} if you can you can soak,dry and using a qtip or cotton ball apply the clear iodine all over the bumble then keep them on as clean of bedding as possible. Soak daily and use the clear iodine every 3 days. the ammonia in the iodine helps to bring the bumble to the surface. once the scab comes off you can use sterile tweezers to pull out the bumble there will be a hole this is when you want to wrap to keep the opening clean till it heals up. You can try the cream you mentioned while treating but if you can get the clear iodine use it first and the Healx after the bumble comes out for healing.
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    Treating bumblefoot takes days and days - so if you just started, it is too early to try to remove the bumble.

    Go with what Miss Lydia said, and if there is unusual warmth in the leg, look into oral antibiotics like Duramycin, to prevent systemic infection.
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    Thank you for your replies! I will look into the clear iodine. I'm in Canada so not sure what we can get here. Also not sure if I can get oral antibiotics without seeing a vet? I will see if my feed store carries that...in fear one of them has warm legs but I will confirm tomorrow morning.
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    Can you post a picture?
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    Please keep us updated. You maybe able to order clear iodine but not sure.

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