Bumble foot - maybe swollen abdomen?

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    Oct 13, 2016
    Okay, so.... I've made a couple other threads about this same issue, but after doing a more thorough investigation I have some updates.
    My Buff Orpington hen (this will be her second winter) has been acting fine and everything but her feet have been a little red and swollen. I was able to clean her foot off today and see the bottom of it where there is a fairly large scab type thing that I assume to be the beginnings of bumble foot. I've dealt with bumble foot before so I'm not horrible concerned about that, what I am the most concerned about is that her abdomen that isnt noticeably swollen or red or anything like that (you cant tell unless you pick her up) was squishy like a rice bag yesterday but today it is a lot more firm and bloated. (which I wouldn't of realized unless I picked another one of my Orpingtons up first for comparison). It literally firmed up over night. Could it be that the one hen is chubbier than the other? (the one with the issues is at the top of the pecking order so maybe she's just a little more meaty?) Anyways, is there a correlation between bumble foot and abdomen swelling? I haven't seen any good things (easily treated)

    about swelling. Should I separate her? Cause then if she lays an egg, its not internal laying, right? So yea....what do you guys think?

    Also...on a very sad note ): I'm moving away to a university next fall ( I'm a full time college student currently living with my parents) and my parents do not want to adopt the chickens to take care of when I leave ): they are my wee little babies that I love so much (5 Orpingtons and 5 easter eggers
    , all hens and 3 female ducks, 1 rouen and 2 pekings (1 is special needs and walks on her elbows but she gets around fine and is perfectly happy and healthy, just can't be around boy duckies because she cant get away from them. So if anyone in Michigan or neighboring states (close to border) has a predator proof and well loved flock they can join, please let me know. I wouldn't charge anything I just need to know they're going to a good home. This will he their second winter so they're all about 2. I'm going to be very sad to see them go. [​IMG]

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