Bumble foot not healing?

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Apr 13, 2015
The Golden State
My leghorn has bumble foot and she had surgery two weeks ago but it is not healing and its not getting worse. Does this look okay? How long before we can start to see improvement?

Thanks- Clark



Sep 24, 2019
I know I'm just jumping in here randomly, but I thought I should share my recent experience with bumble foot. I first went to a vet. She was an exotic bird vet, who claimed to do bumble foot. I picked up Ms Waddlesworth and was told to leave the wraps on 48 hours. Soak in Epsom salt and use the honey she provided. I unwrapped her feet to find, all that she did was, lance, drain, and wrap. No kernal removal and both feet were worse. She did give antibiotics. So... I soaked the feet and removed the kernals buy soaking and using my finger nail. And than honey and wraps daily. Still not better. So I read and read. I decided to soak with strong Epsom salt and peroxide. Than dry, use a thin layer of triple antibiotic ointment massaging with a q-tip until absorbed. Than I followed with heavy ichthammol 10% and wraped. I did this last night at 6:30pm. Today at the same time I unwrapped her feet and much to my surprise both of her feet had visually improved dramatically. Keep in mind she has been on oral antibiotics 11 days. However I do think less evasive is working better. Here are the steps i will take in the future.
Most important, get the kernal out by soaking and picking. Resoak in Epsom with peroxide and water. Triple antibiotic rubbed in, with a HEAVY layer of ichthammol, and wrap. As a child of the 70's i was already familiar with ichthammol and forgot how great this stuff was! learned a hard lesson. It cost 300 at the vet. I should have done my research and not panicked. Please try this before doing your own surgery or paying a lot of money.

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